About Us

Since 2017, international co-creation weeks have been organized by the joined forces of AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp and The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Participants came from nutrition related programmes all over Europe, actually from all over the world. We are very proud to have such a variety in background and cultures from our participants, and this definitely benefits the objectives of our international week! Both students and their teachers are invited to participate to this exiting week.

The key objectives are always about developing professional and 21th century skills for international collaboration. But even more is on the menu: lots of fun, interaction and new friendships.
Social activities took place in either the city of Antwerp or The Hague. From 2021 on the Foodture has been extended to a whole series of online classes throughout the year: The Foodture Academy.
The international co-creation week has been transformed to a blended project with a real physical The Foodture Meets of one week in one of the organizing cities.

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Project (BIP)

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Organizing partners

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 The following universities are organizing partners in The Foodture BIP

  • AP University of Applied Sciences, Antwerp
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague
  • University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten
  • University Campus Bio-Medico, Rome
  • Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Madrid 
  • Vilniaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences 

Students and teachers of the following universities are contributing and participating to The Foodture Academy and Visits

  • Birmingham City University, Birmingham
  • Coventry University, Coventry
  • South Africa

The Academy concept

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An academy is a place where talents come together, learn from each other under guidance of a coach.
Series of online activities and workshops, with interaction,...
Flexible, consult own university
Each 14 days, mostly evening session on Tuesday
Can be followed without participating to the Foodture Meets

The Meets concept

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Co-creation, a variety of activities
Physical meetup, come together, visit, get to know each other, social part

The topics

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We developed a programme in which knowledge transfer goes hand in hand with options for interaction, in which education and fun take turns, in which both lecturers and students present and chair sessions. 

The main topics of our programme are the following:

Crossing borders sustainably

How to overcome physical and cultural borders and being prepared to become a global virtual dietitian

Nutritional and dietetic aspects of sustainability
This covers the field of sustainable food production and lifestyle

Innovation and creation
Through innovative thinking getting insights in different stakeholders’ roles and move towards more sustainable concepts

Contemporary topics 
Deal with impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people 

Looking back and forward

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Last year’s evaluation was very positive: students and lecturers valued the organization, the challenging assignment and the diversity of activities and participants highly! Enjoy some photos of the highlights of previous editions by scrollling down our home page. We are very eager to make it a great experience again.